Industrial Baking Solutions — Baxter Ovens

Improving the World of Industrial Food Production Since 1962

Versatile, consistent, and less labor-intensive, Baxter Industrial Ovens & Proofers are specifically designed for unparalleled performance:

  • Weldless multi-tube heat exchanger designed for lasting durability and even heat transfer.
  • Patented steam system provides consistent steam volume
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Available in gas and electric
  • Backed by Hobart’s nationwide network of factory-trained service technicians

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Baxter Gas & Electric Rotating Rack Ovens

Baxter Gas & Electric
Rotating Rack Ovens

  • Programmable digital control with 99 programmable menus
  • Four-stage baking
  • Auto on/off control
  • Cool-down mode
  • Energy-saving idle mode reduces oven to customized standby temperature for maximum energy savings
  • Three pane viewing window provides safe to touch exterior
  • Dual panes of glass & a low-E coating on the interior
  • Hinged single exterior pane allows cleaning access to both sides
Baxter Proofer Rack

Baxter Oven & Proofer Racks

  • Designed for ovens and proofers in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Racks are constructed with 4″ swivel casters and tops compatible with Baxter rack ovens
  • Broad range of size configurations and slide spacing for the right rack for your application
Baxter Proofers

Baxter Proofers

  • Patented airflow system
  • Easy access heat and humidity system
  • Internally mounted
  • No flushing required
  • Eye-level digital control panel
  • Set heat/humidity system
  • Set retarding temperature
  • Four independent timers
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Modular panel construction with cam lock attachment
  • Field assembled — shipped knocked down
  • 99.5″ overall height to match rack oven
  • Programmable 24-hour timer for one or seven day cycle
  • Configured for remote R448A refrigeration
  • Open floor — no ramp required
Options & Accessories
  • Low profile, 94″ overall height
  • Stainless steel floor — no ramp required
  • Self-contained R448A refrigeration — 40.5″D and 60.5″D only
  • Configured for remote R407A refrigeration
  • Interior light
  • Prison package
  • Upper side trim — 1 or 2 sides

Our goal is to help you determine the right Baxter Proofer, Ovens and Racks for your Industrial & Commercial production needs.

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