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Improving the World of Industrial Food Production Since 1962

Anyone can sell you equipment.

Our goal is to help you determine the right equipment for your industrial production needs.

Alexander Industrial (AI), located in Winston-Salem, NC is in the business of helping our industrial food production equipment clients select the right equipment for their needs.

Our Industrial Client Consultants (ICC) provide exceptional levels of expertise, communication, and involvement to ensure you get the right equipment installed the right way at the right time.

The mission of our ICCs is to:

  • Work closely with key personnel to determine and document the production and code requirements of your food production needs.
  • Organize and plan installation and testing to meet your production goals.
  • Monitor the installation process, and report regularly with progress updates.
  • Provide essential follow-ups to ensure your production needs are being met after installation is complete.

Leading the Way in Bakery Automation


Whether you’re looking to overcome labor shortage, develop more consistency of your products, or to otherwise support you business with reliable equipment, let our ICC’s help you develop a workflow with the right equipment to achieve the outcomes you need!


We offer turnkey solutions, and we are well-versed in working with plant managers, engineers, architects, and contractors. If you’re building something new, or up-fitting an existing space with new equipment, we’re here to help.


If your industrial food production is based in the southeastern U.S. needs require baking, mixing, or warewashing, reach out to us, and let’s begin evaluating your needs and collaborating on solutions. Click here to get the conversation started