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Specializing in production line manufacturing, Rijkaart is the
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Rijkaart Custom-Made Laminators

Custom-Made Laminators

Rijkaart produces a full range of Laminators in any configurations including a unique Compact Laminator that has a maximum output of over 8,800 lbs. per hour in the minimum amount of space.

  • Continuous folding system has the supply conveyor situated just above the outfeed conveyor for reduced “drop height” to minimize the stretching of the dough as it is transferred from one conveyor to the other, thereby maintaining the integrity of the fat band encapsulated within the dough sheet.
  • With the cut-and-stack method, the dough sheet is cut to length and then penny-stacked onto a conveyor mounted below the retracting unit.
  • The fat/butter pump is specially developed to sheet all types of fat, margarine, and butter from a block into a continuous band. The width and thickness of the fat sheet can be accurately adjusted in a matter of seconds simply by changing the front plate of the fat nozzle.
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Rijkaart Laminator
Rijkaart Laminator
Rijkaart Laminator available from Alexander Industrial
Rijkaart Universal Make Up Lines available from Alexander Industrial

Universal Make-Up Lines

Rijkaart produces a wide variety of universal make-up lines — from a simple make-up table to a fully equipped line. All make-up lines are tailored to meet your specifications. Rijkaart Universal Make-up lines give the maximum flexibility.

  • Extra tools for new products can easily be added.
  • Servo-driven spot depositor and folding plow system produces a variety of filled and folded product.
  • After the products are cut, they are transported to the nose of the retracing system.
  • After being sensed by a photo eye, the retractor travels to the back position, and the products are transported to the below conveyor.
Rijkaart Pie Lines

Custom Pie Lines

Utilizing the latest Servo Technology, Rijkaart pie lines are tailored to meet your specifications and are 30% more accurate than pneumatic systems. Unique chain design allows quick changeovers, and the dough billet depositor offers greater accuracy. Sheeted pie lines for fruit pies are also available.


  • 5,200 pieces/hour (250 mm diameter)
  • 20,000 pieces/hour (80 mm diameter)
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Rijkaart Specialty Bread Line

Specialty Bread Lines

The Rijkaart specialty bread sheeting line has been designed to create continuous production of all types of bread products for higher volume production. Special forming systems allow for production of the most demanding dough to the most delicate.

  • The Rijkaart 4-roll dough band former offers greater control over the structure and weight, and consistency of the dough band.
  • Options for custom molding, rounding, and shaping/forming are available.

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