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Improving the World of Industrial Food Production Since 1962

Daub’s industry-leading divider/rounders, bread slicers, and packagers offer industrial-scale options using less labor to produce your backed good better.

Daub Divider Rounders

Daub Divider Rounders

  • Choice of five models and eight dividing discs
  • Semi-automatic and automatic options available
  • Even dough distribution
  • Variety of dividing discs enables quick change solutions
  • Unique easy forward-tilting system lifts dividing disc forward — many machines have a disc that opens sideways
  • Heavy cast-iron footing in combination with widely placed wheels and overhang, guarantee extreme machine stability even during heavy rounding operation
Product Options
  • DR Fixed dividing disc, manual dividing, powered rounding
  • DR Flex Interchangeable dividing disc, manual dividing, powered rounding
  • DR Robot Interchangeable dividing disc, hydraulically assisted dividing and rounding
  • DR Robot Automatic Interchangeable dividing disc, fully automatic work cycle, adjustable pressure times, variable rounding times, memory for up to 10 dividing and rounding programs
  • DR Robot Variomatic As DR Robot Automatic + variable pressure regulation, adjustable rounding speed and stroke, electronic weight setting
Daub Bread Slicer

Daub Bread Slicer

  • Semi-automatic packaging line perfectly completing D/Cross Slicer 208
  • Complete unit: bread slicer, bag blower, and horizontal conveyor line with bag closing system for clip or twist closures
  • Swivel wheels and compact design
  • After slicing bread, bag blower opens plastic bag by inflating air
  • Sliced bread is inserted manually in one movement into the bag and onto conveyor line

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