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Alexander Industrial Commercial Warewash Solutions

Hobart set the standard for five-star quality and superior value that all other commercial/industrial dishwashers are judged by. It’s a distinction earned over many decades of engineering warewash machines that lead the industry in wash performance, food safety, operational efficiency, and lifetime value.

Hobart Clean

Wash Performance

Hobart industrial warewash machines deliver best-in-class wash performance and versatility for a consistent Hobart Clean that removes more tough food soil, improves customer satisfaction and protects your reputation.

Hobart Commerical Warewash NSF

Food Safety

Help ensure sanitization to NSF standards every time you wash, with advanced features like Temperature Assurance, Automatic Deliming, and on-board Safeguarding Systems that help to prevent operators from washing without proper temperatures or chemicals.

Operational Efficiency

Easy to use dishmachines help operators save time while saving you money. Exclusive technologies cut time on prescrapping and dish machine cleaning, giving your teams more bandwidth while optimizing your operations.

Hobart Commerical Warewash

Lifetime Value

Hobart commercial dishwashers offer the highest lifetime value available, thanks to superior reliability and the lowest water, energy, and chemical consumption.

Year after year, your dish machine investment will consistently deliver results that save you time and resources.

Hobart HL1400-2STD Mixer
Hobart Commerical Warewash
Hobart CL64T Tote Washer

Hobart CL64T Tote Washer

  • The perfect combination for sanitizing totes, bins, and custom containers
  • Top-mounted micro-processor controls on the washer
  • 4, 5, and 6 feet per minute speed selector on the washer
  • Washer blower operates at 20HP, 3600RPM
  • Containers travel by conveyor through a heated wash and rinse, followed up by a freshwater rinse.
  • Optional high-pressure 20HP blow-off system dries the products using multiple air knives to target all areas of the tote, forcibly removing water — result: a clean, dry tote ready for use
Additional Information

Hobart FT1000i Industrial
Conveyor Washer

  • Easy-to-use control system
  • Durable stainless steel pump offers a long life
  • Conveyor speed is adjustable at 4.0 to 8.5 feet per minute
  • Energy recovery system provides sustainability and cost savings
  • Adaptable design
  • Stainless steel components offer greater durability and long life
  • Motorized pump motor is enclosed and fan cooled (TEFC) to protect from water spray during clean-up
Hobart FT1000i Industrial Conveyor Washer

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