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Intech offers a number of preassembled and customizable raw material storage solutions (flour, sugar, etc.) in the form of fabric and stainless steel silos for indoor use, and fiberglass silos for outdoor storage.

Through Dough Tech, we offer a variety of off-the-shelf solutions, or we can customize Intech storage solutions for your unique needs. Installation available.

Intech TR Series
Indoor Fabric Silos

  • For dry ingredient storage (floor, sugar, etc.)
  • Fully customizable to suit your needs
  • Flour capacity — up to 75,000 lbs. per silo
  • Conveyor/ingredient transport solutions are available

Intech A Series
Indoor Stainless Steel Silos

  • Stainless steel AI1, AI3
  • Unique mechanism extracts flour without clumps or bridging
  • Custom built to your plant’s floor plan
  • Flour capacity up to 62,000 lbs.
  • Conveyor/ingredient transport solutions are available

Intech VTR Series
Outdoor Fiberglass Silos

  • Durable, affordable outdoor storage solutions
  • Reinforced fiberglass sides have food-safe gelcoat coating and a smooth white exterior finish
  • Thick wall panels provide insulation and protection from the elements

Intech Super Sack/Bulk
Bag Unloader

  • Materials in bulk bags can be managed with the FIBC discharger
  • Support frames can be constructed of stainless or painted steel
  • Pneumatic vacuum or screw conveyor discharge available
  • Integrated bag lifters

Intech Bag Dump Station

  • Simple solutions for conveying bagged ingredients to mixing area
  • 304 series stainless steel
  • Available with or without dust-filtering systems

Intech Ingredient
Batching Machine

  • Offers precise automated mixture of ingredients for faster production
  • Systems can be equipped with multiple storage tanks
  • Continuous ingredient monitoring
  • Preset recipe options
  • System can be integrated with silo systems to create fully automated ingredient delivery
Intech Storage Silos

Our goal is to help you determine the right InTech Silos for your Industrial & Commercial production needs.

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